Ayacucho is an area of Peru in the mountains where a lot of the blood shed has been shared in Peru through the years.

The battlefield where the bulk of South America won independence from Spain is in Ayacucho.

Ayacucho is also the site of terrible battles between the previous major South American empires, the Wari and the Inca, which is where it got it’s name.  Ayacucho means the corner of the dead because of the amount of people killed there in various empire wars.

It was also the birth place for the terrorist organization called the Shining Path, so it was the birth place of the civil war.

In 2007 The Lord called us there to pray on the Battlefield and make intercession, and offer repentance and reconciliation between the Spanish and the Peruvians.

That was amazing and a number of really interesting things happened afterwards both on the battlefield and in the city.

One thing that happened was a prophecy re-naming Ayacucho (the corner of death) as Kawsaycucho, the corner of life.

When we went back in 2009 it was to pray in the University where the Shinning Path had formed.

Now even the local government have realised they have got an identity issue and they are now calling for the name of the city to be changed from corner of death to city of peace.  So, what we declared in the spiritual, people are now picking up in the physical.  The identity of this area has gone wrong, it needs to be put right, but that can only happen by putting things right in the Spirit first.  Then what happens in the physical world will follow.  Prayer really does change things.

We preached in Maranatha’s church (Jose’s church) after we had been in the university regarding the human spirit, so we expected emotional and spiritual healings, but we were also granted two fairly spectacular physical healings.  One lady left crutches at the front of the church and walked back to her seat after prayer and a little boy who had never walked because he was paralysed down one side was healed and started to walk on the platform holding pastor Jose’s hand.  To cap it all the pastor’s teenage son committed himself to Christ.

The transformation in the city and the church since the original prophecy and intercessions (2007) that Ayacucho (corner of the dead) was being re-named Kawsaycucho (the corner of life) and even more so since rooting out the source of the shining path teaching has been awesome.

During subsequent visits we have taught the Maranatha’s church (Pastor Jose’s church).

Our group went up the mountain overlooking the town, where incidentally there is a massive illuminated cross, and blew the ram’s horn and proclaimed freedom throughout the land. Leviticus 25:9-10

We have already seen fantastic changes in Kawsaycucho and we are believing for a lot more.

Pastoral and Mission Home

When we met pastor Jose in 2007 his house had no toilet in the house.   They used a hole in the back yard.   His kitchen was just two walls and earth.   We supplied the toilet on the picture.


In 2015 a fridge was provided for Pastor Jose’s family / mission home.

They never had a fridge.  Sister Juanita (pastor Jose’s wife) cried when we told her that we had bought a fridge for them.  This is something that she had longed for but thought could never have because of the expense.

The pastoral family is large and they also have young missionaries in training living with them for extended periods of time.


Feeding Program

We support a feeding program that takes places at Maranatha’s Church in Ayacucho (Kawsaycucho) led by pastor Jose Huaman.

From Monday to Friday and Sundays they feed between 60 to 80 children plus 20 to 25 elderly people.

During the week the children also receive help with their homework.

In 2017 They have expanded to four extra satellite Sunday schools.  The youth from the main church deliver the food to them in the following villages not far from Ayacucho (Kawsaycucho), in KASAORQO (where 17 children attend), in Qeqapata and Yanamilla and also Qollaqa Alta.  These are children   between 4 and 14 years of age.

Orphanage - Casa Luz (House of Light).

We are acting as a link between the Light House, the Sunday School at Horsham’s St. Mary’s church.   

The orphanage caters for well over 50 children from babies to 18 years old.

Approximately 40% of the children are orphans, the rest are abandoned by the parents (alcoholic).

A lot of the children are hurting, some of them just want to be touched.

When we visit we bring cakes for the children with part of the money the Light House children had collected and gave the remainder as a donation for food.   

The orphanage has got some land where they grow food for the children but not enough.