Ministering in Churches

Michael and Mercedes have a long track record of ministering in prisons and detention centres, so it was natural to start preaching in the Peruvian prisons as we were visiting them, which then led to opportunities to preach outside of the prisons in local churches.

They have long been involved in discipleship and healing ministry and the preaching reflects where their hearts are.

There are many people in the churches who are wounded and hurting as a consequence of the civil war in the 80s. and these ministry is very needed.

Out of this has come a vision for a healing centre in order to help equip Peruvian pastors to do the restorative work The Lord is calling them to do.

Lima 2011 - Evangelical Church from Peru
Lima 2011 - Evangelical Church from Peru

Bora Tribe


Kawsaycucho - Maranatha Church

Kawsaycucho - Kairamayo