Amazon Basin Jungle


In 2013, the scripture that Michael preached on in Iquitos prison was from Jeremiah, 3v22 – 4v2 & 9v24, and it is a very strange scripture to preach on in prison, but it set the tone for a lot of what happened during that trip.   When I preached on this in Peru it was fairly easy to see their application both in Peru and to Peruvian prisoners.  The idol worship, the witchcraft are really right in your face, you cannot help but see the delusions that have come between the people and the poverty that that has caused.
At the start of Jeremiah 4 we have two wonderful promises “If we return to Him and stray no more”, then:

  • He will enable us to live by truth, justice and righteousness and
  • We will become a blessing to the world.


Anyone want to become a blessing to the world?.   That is what the Lord wants us to be.   A couple of dozen of those prisoners wanted to be as well, and there were also 14 new converts.  So praise the Lord and pray that they keep walking with Him.

After a previous visit’ Julio (the evangelist) had been presented with a problem relating to the family of one of the prisoners in Iquitos, their family home had collapsed. They are all in stilts in that area of Belen because it floods during the rainy season, so their little possessions were in the river bed waiting for the rain to wash them away, and Julio used part of our funds to rebuild the house.

I had wanted to visit but reconnaissance to Elsa’s by Julio indicated that Elsa was not there and also that it would be dangerous for Europeans.

The good news is that Elsa’s house survived the catastrophic fire in Belen the previous December, the bad news is that the expected government interest and improvement in the area following the fire did not materialize and in fact Milton and Julio were very nervous when we got stranded in the Amazon river and had to disembark from a boat in Belen.  But that’s another story.

The Bora Tribe

In 2013,  the Lord took us up to Iquitos in the Amazon river basin and from there  into the jungle we met pastor Casimiro from the Bora Tribe.

Everything about Iquitos feels wrong, everything out in the jungle feels right.  Peru is a land of horrible injustice and what happens in the slums of Lima (new towns) has been replicated in Iquitos.   Beauty of the Andes transferred to the squalor of Lima.  Beauty of the jungle transferred to the squalor of Iquitos.   Why would anyone want to make those moves?.

We visited the Bora tribe and pastor Casimiro in the village of San Andres in Amazonian jungle and left money to repair the main well by school by the school, and fishing nets for his own family subsistence.

Pastor Casimiro
Pastor Casimiro
  • Donation to pastor Casimiro to improve well for village and new fishing net for his subsistence.
  • “Generator for the small church in the village (there is no light in the village)”. We asked Julio to visit the Bora in the Peruvian Amazon area and taught pastor Casimiro to rig the one generator in the village to some electric cabling so they can have light in the chapel generated from the generator. This was accomplished with Condor Vision Trust funds.
  • Maintenance of the water well.
Water Well Maintenance
  • We asked Julio to deliver World maps to the Bora school.