Mission to Prisons

Michael and Mercedes became deeply involved in Peru through prison visiting both with CSW (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) where we were visiting wrongly convicted prisoners inside the jail and their families outside and with Prison Fellowship visiting less controversial prisoners.

The first group of prisoners required justice so they could return to their lives, whereas the second group of prisoners needed Christ so they could put their past behind them and live the life God created them for.

While in Peru the first time we visited all the main prisons in Lima, but a prison evangelist challenged us over the fact that nobody visits the jungle prisons and the mountain prisons because they are so much more difficult to get to.  He then showed Michael and Mercedes the next time they visited.

These prisons are incredibly difficult to get to but well worth the visit (see comments in Iquitos).

Since them we have been supporting the prison ministry in our absence.  At present that is on hold due to the evangelist’s family issues in Peru.  We need more evangelists to go into the prisons.

Julio is very grateful for our support, without the help of the church he will not be able to do it.


In February Julio went to Satipo prison in the Jungle.  The Director of the prison came to the meeting when Julio was speaking and gave his life to the Lord  kneeling down with tears in his eyes there and then in front of everybody.

Julio and his Mother
Julio and his Mother
Satipo Prison
Satipo Prison

He asked Julio to pray for him, while this was going on some of the prison guards were standing behind with their heads lowered.   Some other 20 people opened their hearts to the Lord in this occasion.

Julio also went to the prison in La Merced where when Julio prayed the prayer of faith many men who were kneeling on the mud were crying others putting their faces on the muddy floor.

Julio was in the prison of Yanamilla in March, where 95 more men made a confession to come to the Lord.

Julio went on a mission trip in October to the North of Peru to Trujillo, Cajamarca, Chiclayo y Piura. He was able to take sufficient Bibles with him to give away. To the glory of God 170 people came to faith in the different prisons he visited.

Tarma Prison
Tarma Prison

In 2014 Julio writes:

Thank you so much for your prayers and love that enables me to travel sharing the Word of the Lord

In September 2014 he ministered in:

Iquitos in two churches and in Belen and very high crime area outside Iquitos where 14 young men from the street gangs made a decision for Jesus. Praise the Lord!!!

In Iquitos prison 50 men made a decision for the Lord. Julio himself was able to disciple them in the new steps of Christianity for some time.

In October Julio visited the prison of Ica. There were many family members were visiting the inmates and they came to the meeting as well.  21 men made a decision for Jesus, again with many tears. And many kneeling down. Julio also ministered in Chincha prison where 47 persons came to the Lord.  Praise the Lord for His goodness !!!.

Julio distributed Biblical literature, sweets and Bibles.

Julio Cusihuarman, the evangelist in Peru

He shares that almost every day he has seen someone coming to Jesus.

He continues saying that “In the area of Arequipa we have 110 new brothers in the faith”.  Praise the Lord.

Remember we are partakers of his grace because we share in his ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Philip 1:7